Please choose from our extensive menu. Each main dish includes a side dish from our side dishes card.

Enjoy your meal / Dobar tek

Could Starters
Istrian smoked ham and olives 100 gr 60 kn
Istrian starters (smoked ham, cheese, spread, olives) meal 75 kn
Sheep cheese 100 gr 40 kn
Soups and hot appetizers
Soups Normal
Tomato soup with rice meal 18 kn
Champignon Soup meal 18 kn
Soup of the day meal 18 kn
Hot appetizers Normal Small
Spaghetti Bolognese meal 45 kn 34 kn
Spaghetti carbonara meal 45 kn 34 kn
Gnocchi with gorgonzola meal 45 kn 34 kn
Gnocchi or Lasagne with Truffles meal 75 kn 56 kn
Risotto with sea food or mushrooms meal 60 kn 45 kn
Main dishes
Main dishes normal small
Chicken breasts or turkey grilled with potatoes meal 60 kn 45 kn
Pork medallions in sauce of cognac meal 79 kn 59 kn
Turkey escalope in curry sauce and side dish meal 79 kn 59 kn
Veal escalope with side dish meal 75 kn
Grilled pork escalope with side dish meal 65 kn
Mixed meat with side dish meal 75 kn
Royal skewers from the grill with side dish meal 69 kn 52 kn
Ražnjić, grilled meat on a spit with side dish meal 50 kn 38 kn
Cevapcici with side dish meal 50 kn 38 kn
Rump steak Istrian style 250g 120 kn
Rump steak grilled meal 100 kn
Lamb on the grill with side dish and salad meal 90 kn
Our house specials
Meat poladanj “Monica” with side dish 2 pers. 170 kn
Beef steak with truffles 250g 160 kn
Beef steak with champignons 250g 130 kn
Beef steak with green pepper sauce with side dishes 250g 130 kn
Grilled Beef steak 250g 100 kn
Beef steak Stroganov with side dish 250g 150 kn
Rump steak with Champignons 250g 120 kn
Rump steak in onion sauce and. side dish 250g 110 kn
*Preparation time  20 – 30 minutes
Specialties pre order **
Suckling pig on the spit with potatoes and salad 1Kg 190 kn
Lamb on the spit with side dish and salad 1Kg 210 kn
Lamb under a baking lid 2 pers. 200 kn
Veal under a baking lid 2 pers. 220 kn
Mixed fish under a baking lid 2 pers. 270 kn
** To be ordered 24 hours in advance
Fish dishes - A La Carte
normal small
Mussels bouzzara style 0,5Kg 50 kn
fried grilled squids with potatoes and salad meal 78 kn 59 kn
Grilled scampi 330g 120 kn 90 kn
Gilthead / Bass grilled, with potatoes 250g 85 kn
 Fish plate”Monica” 2 pers. 270 kn
*Preparation time  20 – 30 minutes
Child menu
Plata »Asterix« (5 Ćevapčići with french fries) meal 35 kn
Plata »Obelix« (breaded schnitzel with french fries) meal 35 kn
»Alf« (1 pair of Frankfurter with french fries) meal 25 kn
Side dishes
Rice with butter or potatoes meal 18 kn
Djuvedj rice meal 20 kn
Roasted potatoes meal 15 kn
Gnocchi or pasta meal 20 kn
Grilled vegetables meal 25 kn
Buttered vegetable meal 20 kn
Bread home made meal 10 kn
Parmesan cheese or olive oil meal 10 kn
Ajvar ketchup, mayonnaise meal 8 kn
Seasonal salad (mixed) meal 20 kn
Tomato salad with fetta-chees and corn meal 30 kn
Mixed salad with cheese meal 30 kn
Mixed salad with egg, cheese and olives meal 25 kn
Tuna salad 100g 40 kn
Wellness salad with turkey strips meal 50 kn
Sweet dishes
Daily cake meal 20 kn
Pancakes with chocolate, jam or ice-cream meal 20 kn
Ice coffee with vanilla ice-cream meal 22 kn
ice-cream ball per ball 6 kn
Apple strudel meal 25 kn
Likeri – Liköre – Liqueurs
Orahovac – Maraskino – Kruškovac 0,03 lit 10 kn
Uvozna Pića – Import Getränke – Import Drinks
Cognac 0,03 lit 15 kn
Whiskey 0,03 lit 20 kn
Jägermeister, Gin dry, Vodka Stock 84 0,03 lit 18 kn
Pivo – Bier – Beer
Pivo točeno-vom Fass-on tap 0,30 lit 12 kn
Pivo točeno-vom Fass-on tap 0.50 lit 18 kn
Heiniken boca-Flasche-Bottle 0,33 lit 20 kn
Beck’s boca-Flasche-Bottle 0,25 lit 18 kn
Pivo (bezalkoholna) boca-Flasche-Bottle 0,50 lit 18 kn
Duga Pića – Long Drinks
Radla 0,50 lit 20 kn
Jabuka, Speci 0,30 lit 18 kn
Jabuka, Speci 0,50 lit 25 kn
Miš maš 0,30 lit 18 kn
Gemišt 0,20 lit 10 kn
Topli Napitci – Warme Getränke – Hot Beverages
Kava espreso 6 kn
Kapučino 8 kn
Čaj s limunom 7 kn
Mlijeko 0,20 lit 5 kn
Aperitivi – Aperitiv -Aperitives
Istra Bitter sa sodom 0,03 lit 15 kn
Pelinkovac, Vlahovac, Amaro, Biska 0,03 lit 10 kn
Žestoka PIĆA – Schnäpse – Spirits
Šljivovica, Lozovača, Travarica, Medovača 0,03 lit 12 kn
Domaći rum, Domaći gin, Domaći brandy, Stock 84 0,03 lit 10 kn
Stolna Vina – Tischweine offen –Table wines open
Malvazija (bijelo, weiss, white) 1,00 lit 70 kn
Merlot (crno, rot, red) 1,00 lit 70 kn
Bijela Vina u Bocama – Flaschenweine weiß –
Bottles of Wine white
Malvazija, Pinot, Chardonnay 0,75 lit 100 kn
Vina barrique 0,75 lit 120 kn
Crna Vina u Bocama – Flaschenweine rot –
Bottles of Wine red
Teran, Merlot, Borgonja, Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 lit 100 kn
Desertna Vina – Desserweine –Dessert Wines
Muškat ruža, Muškat žuti 0,75 lit 150 kn
Prošek, Vermut domaći 0,10 lit 10 kn
Pjenušava Nina – Sekt –Sparkling Wines
Misal Rouge demi sec, Misal Brut 0,75 lit 180 kn
Bezalkoholna Pića – Alkoholfreie Getränke–
Non Alcoholic Drinks
Juice 0,20 lit 12 kn
Voćni sokovi (boca) 0,20 lit 12 kn
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic 0,20 lit 10 kn
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic (boca) 0,25 lit 14 kn
Tonic 0,20 lit 12 kn
Tonic (boca) 0,25 lit 15 kn
Mineralna voda 1,00 lit 25 kn
Mineralna voda 0,50 lit 12 kn
Mineralna voda 0,25 lit 10 kn
Mineralna voda negazirana 0,50 lit 10 kn
Mineral Voda Römerquelle 0,33 lit 12 kn
Mineral Voda Römerquelle 0,75 lit 25 kn


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During the season, or on request we do every Saturday suckling pig and grilled lamb.
The price list can be found in the menu under Menu “Specialities pre order **”